The tradition, the poetry of motion, the practice, the origin, calming, time slowed, warmth.. all this and more contribute to what takes tea from a simple brew to an amazing moment in our days. My name is Jake and I have a passion for style and a love of tea. I created this site with a goal of bringing this passion for style and love of tea into one amazing place where you can find the inspiration to make
EA, your style


About ME

Tea your styleMy name is Jake and I am the founder and currently sole contributor to TEA, your style. I am 29 years of age and while I am originally from Perth, Western Australia, I have not lived there for about 5 years now. Where was I? 2 years in South America, 1 year in central America, 10 months in Asia and 1 year in the Kimberley region of Australia. It’s safe to say that I am in love with new experiences and cultures.

My passion for style comes from being a bit different from the crowds, I don’t look at style as something on the outside but instead style is an aura, a presentation of you. I’ve travelled the world and never stayed in one job for more than a year and over this time I’ve met a lot of amazing people with absolute style of self. They have inspired me personally to be more myself and not worry what everyone else thinks… that is real style.

Then there is my love of tea, a love that was sparked by my host mum when I was living in Guatemala. Moving around a lot means not much cash and a fair bit of stress, originally I would just drink 10 coffees a day to keep my hunger at bay and help me stay alert… very bad move for ones health.

One day I was out of my cheap coffee packets and my host mum said “here, have some tea instead” I looked at this orangey, yellow liquid and thought “that’s not tea!” Turns out my whole knowledge of tea was boiled water, tea bag, mug and milk, maybe a biscuit to jazz up the occasion. How wrong I was when I realised that this tea my host mum was offering me was a brew of home made steeped green tea, I had one cup and was hooked! I felt better, no crash like the coffee and it gave me a much better alert feeling!

When something steals my attention that quick, as this cup of tea did, I know it has to be good. I can’t believe how long I spent on the coffee bandwagon when all along this amazing (cheaper and healthier) drink was there all along!

My goal

TEA, your style was founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing style and tea together.

I noticed that drinking tea was kind of tied into this monotonous regularity of routine. The mere mention of coming over for a cuppa sprung hallucinations of white porcelain, floral table covers, charcoal stained tea pots and overly milky cups of cheap tea poured into simple white cups!

Because of this rut that tea has found itself in I created TEA, your style. I want to showcase the thousands of tea set styles that are out there and show you just where you can get them for the best price.

What this page offers

TEA, your style is an affiliate based website, click here to learn exactly what that means.

I have a tea blog which I dedicate to all kinds of tea related topics, you can check it out by clicking here.

I also offer links to pages where you can buy sustainably sourced, organic teas. I honestly trust these websites and the work they do is nothing short of amazing. I put my personal guarantee on their products and service as I get to know them and their business goals before I recommend them. You can find all of these guys on the menu to the right of this page, under the title ‘our partners in tea’.

Basically, I offer a lot of tea related content 😀

Why you should be drinking tea

The benefits of tea are massive and better yet, they are proven!

  • Overall health. Tea contains antioxidants, Tea has less caffeine than coffee, Tea helps keep you hydrated.2 cups of steeped tea
  • Mental health. Create a calmer state of mind, lower stress, ease headaches, help with insomnia.
  • Heart and other organs Illness and Disease. Reduce risk of heart attack and stroke, strengthen bones, lower cholesterol, aids indigestion, reduce inflammation and stomach cramps.
  • Fitness and appearance. Keeps teeth healthy, calorie free, increases metabolism, combats acne, fights bad breath.
  • Illness and Disease. Strengthen immune system, protect against cancer, prevent arthritis, fight the flu, flights infection, lowers blood sugar.

Tea really does offer so much, it even tastes great! There is literary no reason to jazz up tea, it’s perfect the way it is! All we need now is a stylish tea set to compliment this amazing beverage 😀

TEA, your style

A world that showcases just how unique and personal a tea set can be. Whether you are a bold entertainer who is looking for a set to wow all those who gaze upon it. Or maybe you have a style so very personal that anything someone else has already heard about or seen just won’t do. You may be a seasoned lover of tea who wants a set that can truly compliment their practice of drinking tea. Or like me, you dare to dream of a tea set with the power to entice and seduce.

It is here at TEA, your style where you will find all the inspiration you need to begin your tea journey, with style.

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