Funny tea infusers – is there anything better?

tea infusers can come in some pretty cool designs now days

To us something Unique is something that stirs emotion, something that grabs attention. Funny tea infusers are definitely unique and if you can honestly say you’re not going to notice a little sloth clinging on to the edge of someone’s tea cup then you can just shut down this browser right now! It’s happy days for the world of tea drinkers as companies are producing more and more styles of tea infusers. You can literally have a little titanic floating in your tea cup! how good is that!!

These 4 images of hilarious yet practical tea infusers are all links over to where you can pick any one of them up for under $12!

What is a tea infuser?

tea bags aren't very unique or funnyA tea infuser is a tea bag. The end.

That’s about as boring to read as how boring using a teabag to infuse tea is! A teabag may be the most widely used form of tea infuser but definitely not the only. Basically a tea infuser is a vessel or holder in which loose, dried tea leaves are placed for steeping or brewing. The infuser can be placed in either the tea cup or teapot which would already have hot water inside it. Tea infusers allow us greater control over how much tea we put in and don’t have a little string that breaks just by been looked at.

Why use a tea infuser

Having your own tea infuser allows for the freedom of choice. You can choose how much tea you want to add, you can choose from a wide variety of teas from all over the world, you can choose whole natural tea leaves instead of premade packages and the list of possibilities goes on. shop green tea

One thing that we love here at TEA, your style is… well, style.. and you just don’t get that from a tea bag. Having the freedom to use rich, natural, organic, whole tea leaves is pretty awesome and owning a tea infuser gives you that freedom.

What makes a funny tea infuser

classic rubber duck tea infuserSome tea infusers can come built into a teapot and well they are all pretty standard. You get something that resembles a very fine strainer which is normally attached to the lid of the pot. Then there are tea infusers that are made for single cups of tea and these are the funny ones! Some of the best are those that hang onto your cup as if they are falling in! Other ideas are submarines and ships, marine animals that look as though they are swimming around, rubber duckies floating on top or even a little human fishing. All timeless classics if you ask me!


We love a good laugh and a funny tea infuser is going to get just that! In the end they are a bit of fun and the best bit is that they come really cheap, you’re looking at under $5 on Amazon and Ebay! A soothing, calming cup of tea with a little hedgehog hanging off the side.. That sounds pretty good to us.

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