Hot tea vs cold tea -there can only be one winner

hot vs cold

It’s simple right?

If it’s hot out then you grab a nice cold ice tea.

If it’s cold out you just go for a good old hot tea.

Question is, what if it’s just ‘normal’ out!?

Is one tea temperature more superior than the other? It is an age-old question in the world of tea, or at least since having a cold drink was a viable option! So today I put to rest the classic question of hot tea vs cold tea, which is better?

Temperature and tea

Hot tea:

  1. Hot tea is loaded with maximum health benefits that haven’t been eliminated by exposure to oxygen.
  2. Our taste buds have a temperature gauge which reacts better to warm flavours, basically you get more taste out of something warm than cold.
  3. The aroma of tea is at it’s best with hot tea.
  4. A warm cup of tea is very relaxing
  5. Ready in less than 10 minutes

Cold tea:

  1. Cold tea can be consumed in higher volumes.
  2. Can be prepared overnight in a large amount.
  3. A refreshing substitute for sports or sugary drinks.
  4. Boost your water intake and help get 3L of water in your day.
  5. While a little less concentrated, cold tea still has all the health benefits.

Winner: Hot tea – With 100% of the health benefits, a full, soothing aroma and great taste. Hot tea is a pretty clear winner when it comes to the temperature contest

hot tea

The feeling and tea

Hot tea:

  1. Calming
  2. Relaxing
  3. Warming
  4. Meditative
  5. Happy

Cold tea:

  1. Refreshed
  2. Hydrated
  3. Alert/ready
  4. Excited
  5. Content

Winner: Cold tea – I gave it to cold tea because it is just so delicious and gives me that “I’m ready to take on the day” feeling. Please share your feelings from tea in the comments as I, one man can’t possibly speak for us all!

Oh, and yeah, I chose cold tea because I love how refreshed I feel after downing a cold glass of Lemon and Peach Green tea (home made, recipe here)

ice tea

Your health and tea

Hot tea:

  1. Full of antioxidants
  2. Stress relief
  3. Cancer fighting agents
  4. Vitamins
  5. Minerals

Cold tea:

  1. Slightly fewer antioxidants
  2. less caffeine (when home made)
  3. Cancer fighting agents
  4. Vitamins
  5. Minerals

Winner: It’s a draw! While hot tea gives us the full dose of the stuff, cold tea comes with less of a caffeine hit. After that they are basically the same in every way except temperature.

Winner overall

Drum roll……..



Annnnnnnd the winner is YOU!

Yep, as long as you are drinking tea then you are the real winner. Hot or cold you are still getting a delicious, nutritious and down right stylish beverage.

happy with tea

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All the best and all the tea


Founder of TEA, your style


2 thoughts on “Hot tea vs cold tea -there can only be one winner

  1. I drink hot tea mostly because of the ritual of slowing down time. It really allows you to take time to reflect. Cold tea is my choice when trying to quench extreme thirst. Have you ever felt so thirsty that no amount of water can satisfy? It happens to me with certain foods. To avoid the bloated feeling, drink cold tea. It does the trick.

    1. I love to preach how valuable a good tea practice can be to everyones tea experience, it truly can slow down time! Oh yes, sometimes I just crave a sweet drink and if I don’t have a nice cold tea waiting in the fridge I can slip up and end up drinking a store bought drink that’s full of sugar.


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