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Tea, your style is funded by affiliate partners.

You may have just asked yourself, “what the heck is an affiliate partner!?”

I once asked myself the same question and the answer was truly life changing.

What is an affiliate Partner?

An affiliate partner is someone who has the buying power and or production equipment to produce a product which another individual is interested in selling.  In the world of tea there are hundreds of thousands of distributors and it can be overwhelming for a buyer. Prices, service, quality and many other factors come into consideration when choosing a company to buy from and that is where my site and I come in to the picture.

I use my passion for unique style and love of drinking tea as motivation to search the world wide web for the best companies and tea accessories.  I do the research, the testing, the tasting, the reviewing and all the other tedious stuff before I then add my favourites to my site where I can link you to them. It is pretty simple and takes the hassle and worry out of your time while allowing me to learn, share and experience more about what I love every day.

How it works

On my site you will come across links to unique sites such as Valley Green Tea or even sometimes an odd link to a huge online store like Amazon. When these links are clicked they will take you directly through to a product, where if you purchase that product I will earn a commission.  As I mentioned before it is perfect because I am able to search and learn all about tea while making a living out of my passion. You get to know me on a much more personal level through my blog than say if you were buying from a company with no face.

My site

I started TEA, your style because I want to share my tea journey while inspiring others to begin or continue on theirs. It is a tough world out there and drinking tea or talking about tea is something that calms me down. I had no idea that affiliate marketing was a thing until I came across it online. As soon as I learnt about it, I knew that I could use my passion for tea as a career. When you are talking about something you love it makes everything better and for me, that’s tea.


so Welcome to TEA, your style.

I look forward to sharing tea, with you

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Our partners:

  • Valley Green Tea – Chinese teas sourced from the Fujian province.
  • Teatulia – Indian teas sourced from Northern Bangladesh.
  • Amazon – The largest online shop in the world.