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I came across Valley Green Tea (VGT) while searching google for different companies/sites who sold tea. I noticed that VGT had a sneaky little ‘.au’ at the end of their website. How could I, a young Aussie, not click on such a site!? It would have been pretty un-Australian of me 😀

Just because they were an Aussie site wouldn’t be enough though so I sent them an email to let them know who I was and also, to find out who they were. My email was responded to very promptly by En Jie Song the owner of VGT. I never send my emails as if I am some kind of professional robot and when En Jie wrote me back in a way that let me know she was a real, down to Earth person, I was instantly excited.

Knowing that the person who reads and responds to the emails is the same person is very reassuring.

VGT offers a lot of great products, mostly which are sourced from the En Jie’s home town. This is exciting because En Jie is originally from the Fujian province of China or as it is more famously known, the home of tea! This is great for us because En Jie with the help of family and friends back home is able to source some of the finest teas and bring them back to Australia.

VGT offer exclusively Chinese teas and tea products and they are not ashamed to admit they are a little biased when it comes to their tea style of choice. This is great if you are looking to go down the Chinese style of tea products or are interested in some authentic Chinese teas. They are a trustworthy fountain of knowledge and someone I am very happy to send anyone and everyone to!

I’m sure you will love them and their products as much as I do.

If you would like to know more about En Jie and Valley Green Tea simply click their logo at the top and be linked directly to their home page

All the best and all the tea

Founder of TEA, your style

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