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Tea is great, it just is.

Healthy, delicious, simple, inclusive, calming, the list goes on. I talk about these all things a lot in my tea blog and I really enjoy sharing my tea experience with everyone.
I use my tea blog to share my love of tea, love without passion though can seem a mere motion, one void of true power. It is here where my passion for style collides with my love of tea in a never ending search for the most unique.
From chic matte black tea sets to amazing glass tea pots that one may mistake for a bubble resting on the kitchen table.
It lives in the ancient Japanese practice of brewing Matcha Green tea with a bamboo whisk and comes alive through the Chinese men and women of the Fujian province laying out all their tools for that true tea experience.

I dedicate this page to Unique tea pots, sets and practices. I’ll showcase some of my favourite styles and talk about unique practices from all over the world. I hope it can help you discover your unique style.

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