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Teatulia, a company I am so so happy to promote and have the privilege to work along side.

Teatulia source their tea from Northern Bangladesh, India and in doing so have provided over 800 jobs to local people. In case you didn’t know, India is a pretty over populated place and the poverty their is a site that will make you very thankful for what you have. Teatulia not only provide jobs, they also provide classes in health and organic farming with the aim of breaking the poverty cycle of Bangladesh.

This was my major reason for contacting Teatulia and their CEO Linda, with such an amazing selection of Indian teas and a focus on helping people it was a no brainer.  Located in the USA they are a great option for everyone but in particular those from the states.  Such an amazing company is worth supporting and I still sit in awe when I think about what they have been able to do.

Simply click the Teatulia logo at the top of this page to be linked to their amazing website (organic teas page) and below is a little video about Linda and Teatulia,

All the best and all the tea


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