The Osaka, enamel coasted stainless steel kettle – A great choice for tea


Product: Osaka, Enamel Coated Stainless Steel Kettle    osaka
Cheapest Place to Buy: 34.99
Size of Container: 3 Quart (2.84L)
Guarantee: None
My Rating: 8/10

The Osaka, enamel coasted stainless steel kettle, Product Overview

I did a little research on this kettle for a few reasons,

  1. Because it brings some serious style.
  2. It was expensive on Ebay and my first thought was expensive must mean good.
  3. It can hold a lot of water (tea)

My first step

was to simply search pictures of the Osaka kettle range to get a better understanding of their style. Out of the 3 styles Osaka was offering, this one was definitely the most unique. They do offer an electric kettle which some people do prefer for its ease of use.



My second step

was a price check so I jumped around the Internet searching for Osaka products. I always go to the products page first to see what price they are offering. As you can see Osaka were $15 more expensive than Amazon and Ebay were a whopping $214 more expensive than Amazon. That is actually crazy!











My third step

was to check out the specifications and reviews, obviously I would love to give my personal review but if I purchased every kettle out there I’d have no money left to buy tea 😀 Here are some Amazon reviews from customers and the specs given by the official Osaka website.
















The tea kettle is an integral part of the tea practice, it’s the tough guy. Not one to take centre stage the Osaka kettle will blend perfectly into any tea style. It will look good while remaining strong.


  1. Stylish
  2. Comes in many colours
  3. Strong build
  4. large capacity for water
  5. Cheap


  1. some reviews state that the whistling sound could be louder.
  2. Can’t see inside (bubbling water is a good indicator of how hot your water is)
  3. No warranty

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